Coconut noodle soup

This is a classic winter warmer fave and super quick.

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Broccoli leek cashew quinoa

I love the bright green colours in this recipe. Can easily be made vegan by not including the cheese in the pesto.

These quantities served 4 portions as a side dish, so you might want to up the ingredients for more people or for a main meal.

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Courgette & pearl barley summer risotto

I didn’t have much food in the house but I rediscovered an old favourite in the cupboard, pearl barley. Normally I love this in a winter soup but I thought it could also work in a summer recipe. This recipe served two and made a lot of extra risotto which didn’t fit inside the squashes, so I served it alongside. I would do one courgette squash per person you’re serving, and serve the extra risotto alongside or save for later. 

We ate with bread and white wine. This meal was born out of necessity (hunger and few ingredients) but actually turned out really well, and you could probably throw in other vegetables you had kicking around too. It’s vegetarian but could easily be made vegan.


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Russian night & mushroom stroganoff

I recently made one of my favourites, mushroom stroganoff, as part of a Russian themed evening. We have weekly flat dinners which involve us putting lots of effort into dressing up to a theme, taking on new personalities for the night (meet Svetlana) and trying to top last week’s dinner with a new three course extravaganza . People always think this sounds like a fun raucous event (which it is) but get perplexed when they find out there are only two of us plus the odd visitor. We make our own fun.

I should add a disclaimer here that my definition of Russian food was pretty broad, and incorporated most of the former Soviet Union, so probably not the most authentic of meals.
Mushroom Strog

Pesto lover

I’ve always hated pesto. The disgusting grainy oily texture. The insipid green colour. The way it contaminates pasta by coating it in its horrible slime. And the way it contaminates other meals too, turning up in the most unexpected and traumatic of places (on your pizza, in your salad, chucked into any vegetarian dish/the only vegetarian dish on the menu).

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