Summer lovin’

I love summer so much that I named my first computer Summer (I also loved the O.C a lot at the time).  Things are getting autumnal but I just had a week in the sun and I can’t quite bring myself to say goodbye to summer yet. I’m hoping for a late September/October heatwave to give me just a few more sunny picnics in the park.



maybe the best summer's day ever

  1. Holidays.
  2. Boating down the Thames in wooden row boat in the blazing sun.
  3. Wearing shorts and skirts constantly and never having to wear a cardigan is my ideal life.
  4. Eating tomatoes for every meal. Tomatoes are my favourite food. If I had to pick one meal to eat for the rest of my life it would probably be bruschetta.


  1. Tights. I know it’s getting kind of cold. But I’m not ready to wrap up my legs for the next FIVE MONTHS just yet. I do love tights, and look forward to shopping for new pairs. But not just yet.
  2. Winter coats. GO AWAY.
  3. A sign I saw for winter vegetable soup at the end of August. Um, let’s not skip the entire spectacular season of autumn guys.

Courgette & pearl barley summer risotto

I didn’t have much food in the house but I rediscovered an old favourite in the cupboard, pearl barley. Normally I love this in a winter soup but I thought it could also work in a summer recipe. This recipe served two and made a lot of extra risotto which didn’t fit inside the squashes, so I served it alongside. I would do one courgette squash per person you’re serving, and serve the extra risotto alongside or save for later. 

We ate with bread and white wine. This meal was born out of necessity (hunger and few ingredients) but actually turned out really well, and you could probably throw in other vegetables you had kicking around too. It’s vegetarian but could easily be made vegan.


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