Recipe for a Black Hole – Sorcha, one of my besties, has a new website. We used to have Buffy fan websites empires back in the day, now we have marginally more mature offerings.

BBC Good Food – I used to subscribe to BBC Good Food Magazine (super cool thing for a twenty six year old to do) but I decided to save my dollah and use the internet for recipes instead. Still love this website.

Never Seconds – This is a website by Martha, a Scottish primary school student who chronicles her school lunches every day. She also has a lot of guest posts from children and teachers around the world featuring their lunch. I love it.

Cheeky Kitchen – A favourite food blog, sometimes I make Brooke’s vegan recipes and they make me feel virtuous, actually satisfied and lacking the depression that seems to accompany eating a lot of  vegan food.

Londonfood4afiver – When I don’t make a packed lunch, I wander the streets for age trying to search for the perfect lunch. The other day I was stupid enough to spend £9.77 on lunch. Just handed it over like a fool.  I would like Katy and Joe to revive this blog ASAP so I stop making ridiculous choices.


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