I love my bike

Recently I got rid of my trusty bike. I say trusty, but she was a bit flaky. I named her Lady because she was so elegant. A vintage bike with about 30 years on her, her three (sometimes two) gears didn’t quite cut it. She also had a tendency to have bits of her fall off all over the road. But she was beautiful. Miss you Lady.  Here’s some pictures of the same bike model but in much better condition than poor old Lady.

My new bike doesn’t have quite the same elegance, but it does have an awesome 24 gears, doesn’t break all the time, doesn’t feel like she’s about to keel over and can tear up hills with no problems. I’ve named her Britney because even though she’s a bit aged now, she’s still got it going on. Also her official bike name is ‘Crossroads’. An absolute teenage classic, I rewatched it recently.


Cycling around London on a sunny day is pretty much the best thing ever. We recently cycled along the canal from Islington to Notting Hill, it was magical. I also recommend the Capital Ring, the Hackney Wick and Marshes section is particularly special and I love the Crouch End bit along the old railway line. I’ve only done this on foot but I reckon it might be even better on a bike.  Britney needs a day out ASAP.


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