Why Joffrey why?

Joffrey (my sourdough starter) has been having quite a few temper tantrums recently. It was only a matter of time with a name like that.


He’s been getting more and more boozy, and starting to smell less like a pleasant loaf and more like a raging alcoholic. I’ve been draining off all his booze and that problem is kind of solved. Then he made a really disgusting crust of flour and water on his surface which I also had to remove.

I made a loaf with him the other day (see picture) but I’m not getting a great rise. Not sure if this is due to my own skills, or due to how lacklustre Joff he is. He’s not really capable of making a loaf without added yeast, and even with the yeast he doesn’t rise that well. I have been making my loaves freeform but wonder if using a loaf tin or something would force a rise up instead of out.  

I’ve now put Joff in the fridge to get out of my life until I figure out how to deal with the brat. Sourdough management suggestions welcomed.






I was gifted a jar of sourdough starter recently. It was a sweet starter that had sugar in it, but I knew that bread was my dream so I only fed it with flour and water.  I named him Joffrey because I was sure it would be petulant and difficult*. But actually, it was super easy!

Joffrey in a Jar

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