Hello! I’m Emily and a perfect boily is one of my favourite foods in the world. To enlighten potential boily lovers everywhere, a perfect boily is a perfect soft boiled egg.

I like to get other people to make this for me, and am lucky enough to know several expert boily makers. The art of the perfect boily will be discussed regularly and in great detail.  I also have a great egg cup collection which I hope to share soon.

I will also have other non egg related recipes. I’ve realised that using a smartphone to take pictures of food at night under glaring artificial light doesn’t really work. Go figure. So I’m attempting to improve my photography skills but fear it may require investing in a proper camera/applying myself.  So bear with me for now.

Occasionally I might also write about other favourite things like my bicycle (her name is Britney), Breaking Bad, summer time, Olympic gymnasts and adventures in London and beyond.


About Emily


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