At the Plymouth Gin Distillery I tasted one of the most delicious cocktails ever, Aviation. It’s like drinking liquid Parma Violets.

(It’s actually more of a pale violet shade but the lighting makes it look yellow here.)

The Refectory itself is pretty wonderful, with a huge amount of gin cocktails and big comfy leather sofas to lounge around in as the gin goes to your head. I loved the fact that the theme was purely gin and there were at least 20 gin cocktails all with exciting historical background! I absolutely stole the menu so I could begin a new life of making gin cocktails.

We also enjoyed the Red Snapper, a gin variation on a Bloody Mary and the Corpse Reviver (strong combo of gin and absinthe, two of my favourite spirits).

I’ve discovered that two of the key Aviation ingredients, Creme de Violette and Maraschino Cherry Liquor can be bought online and delivered to my door.  When I have some money I will be making after work cocktails and lounging around in a dimly lit room like I’m living in the 1920s.  I can’t wait.


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One response to “Aviation

  1. I look forward to you making me many a delish cocktail in the near future!

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