Autumnal faves

autumnal sunset

My flatmate and I spent last weekend drinking mulled wine, lighting our house with candles and making food and drink for the winter months. Hello hibernation. We started fantasising about gifting all our friends and family with homemade Christmas gifts, and we made quite a few treats.

 jars of alcoholic goodness

Some of the spirits we decided to infuse. Strawberry and basil vodka and damson gin are pictured. We also made grapefruit, lime and basil vodka. The gin has to be left for a couple of months. I made some last year but we ended up drinking it one boozy night without straining the lumps of damson out (it was still glorious) so I aim to present it somehow this time around. The vodka should be ready very soon and probs won’t survive the long cold thirsty months before Christmas. Too bad.

 beyond cute

This jam is super cute, but the recipe makes a really tiny amount. So I anticipate doubling or even tripling up on a rainy day and maybe enacting the Christmas gifts dream. And adding even more adorable finds within the jar? Like crystallised Sylvanian families? I haven’t actually tasted this jelly yet because I think it looks too cute to even touch.

I vowed not to wear tights until October, but have been getting colder by the day, so am looking forward to bringing out my tight collection. I’m also loving my nail polish collection. I’ve been wearing coral and pink all summer but I picked up these shiny wintery beauties today.

hey shinies


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