Pesto lover

I’ve always hated pesto. The disgusting grainy oily texture. The insipid green colour. The way it contaminates pasta by coating it in its horrible slime. And the way it contaminates other meals too, turning up in the most unexpected and traumatic of places (on your pizza, in your salad, chucked into any vegetarian dish/the only vegetarian dish on the menu).

However, a dramatic transformation has occurred. The pesto hater has become a pesto maker.

I’ve discovered homemade pesto (made by me) is actually lush. I like the fact you can just wap it in a blender making it super colourful, bright and beautiful. Thus far it has been delicious on olive bread, on a tomato and goat’s cheese tart, with pasta and potatoes and green beans…. Essentially I’ve been throwing it into all meals, but since my pesto is lush, it’s okay.

This made a a jam jar’s worth. I have kept this in the fridge for up to a week and it basically continues looking (and tasting) good. The bright green colour doesn’t fade at all (except maybe a tiny bit at the top of the jar) – I think because of all the lemon. No pictures because I ate all the pesto, maybe I’ll add some in future.

Cashew nuts (who has the money for pine nuts?)
Loads of basil (I used 2 fat bunches)
Salt and black peps (be glamorous and use sea salt)
Lemon juice (my favourite, I used juice of around 2 lemons)
Zest of one lemon, or two.
Olive oil (I didn’t use that much, just a glug)


Wap it all together in a blender and then taste to add more of different ingredients til you are satisfied that it is delicious. I left out cheese because I don’t think it adds that much. This creates a pesto which is quite thick (but goes a long way when heated or added to hot foods). If you prefer a more liquid pesto then personally I would rather add a drop of water instead of olive oil. Hate the oil spill in your mouth taste of some shop pestos.


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