Summer green tart

I made this to use up some leftover vegetables. We ate it cold with walnut and raisin sourdough bread and with lots of Sriracha sauce on top (sounds weird, tastes delicious).
Summer green tart, serves 4 – 6



I was gifted a jar of sourdough starter recently. It was a sweet starter that had sugar in it, but I knew that bread was my dream so I only fed it with flour and water.  I named him Joffrey because I was sure it would be petulant and difficult*. But actually, it was super easy!

Joffrey in a Jar

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Goodbye hangover, hello recovery

The perfect hangover cure. Fried dippy egg with sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, onion, garlic and red and green peppers.

This goes really well with hot sauce, Breaking Bad episodes, lots of delicious water (tap water is actually my favourite drink) and copious amounts of coffee, ideally all consumed in bed.

Mostly parsley

I’ve become weirdly obsessed with parsley recently and have eaten an entire bunch by myself over three days.

I had a lunchbox tabbouleh inspired salad with wild rocket, quinoa, cucumber, tomato, red onion, olive oil, lemon and loads of parsley.  Then I had a potato salad that was mainly parsley. I started to question myself with the amount of parsley that I topped this pasta dish with. Whoops.

It also doesn’t go down so well when I serve others what I think are normal amounts of parsley on top of a meal. Not everyone seems to love it this much?

Courgette carbonara – to serve one lonely parsley lover

Sea salt caramel bars, with a side of bloody finger

The recipe is from an American cookbook and I used the original measurements which were in cups, as I had a cup to measure in. I’ve translated into grams for this recipe. Keep it British. But I can provide the cup measurements if required.

If you’re squeamish then you may not enjoy this recipe? Or the below photo of my maimed finger?

Sea salt caramel bars (plus cautionary instructions about using blenders).

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